Our Tours

The tour suggestions shown below are for guidance and give an idea of the types of tours available.  Please do let us know what length of tour you would like.


Four Day / Three Night Tour to France and Belgium

This is our most popular tour length, with some clients wishing to stay at the same hotel for the entire trip and others wanting to have two, or occasionally three, stop-over points.  It provides opportunity for two full days of touring with a lighter first and last day.

£810 per person, based on two people sharing a hotel room.  Single person supplement £80.


Three Day / Two Night Tour to France and Belgium

This tour length is perfect for clients who are, perhaps, new to battlefields exploration and allows for one full day of touring with a lighter first and last day.

£670 per person, based on two people sharing a hotel room. Single person supplement £70.


Self-Guided Tour to France and Belgium

We will work with you to create the tour that you wish to take: planning possible itineraries, advising and guiding on suitable routes and driving times, as well as making suggestions about cemeteries, memorials and museums to visit.  Planning will include suggestions for accommodation and refreshment, with information about well-placed hotels, cafés and restaurants included.  Clients are responsible for making all and any bookings.

£190 for 3 day trip, £230 for a 4 day trip.


We Tour on Your Behalf to France and Belgium

This might sound a little counter-intuitive, and is for clients who are not in a position to make the tour themselves but who would still like to know that a personal tribute has been paid to a specific sailor, soldier or airman.  We will make the trip on your behalf, leave a grave tribute and conduct the act of remembrance that you want us to make.  Afterwards you will receive a pack of digital photographs of the grave and headstone, the cemetery or memorial and the immediate locality and also a video of the act of remembrance.

£40 per serviceman visited