A Family History

Your family tree and family history traced and developed.  A minimum of 15 hours of research using on-line sources, to create a family history from 1841, or earlier, to the present day.

Information drawn from a number of on-line sources including: census returns, births, marriage and death records and military records as appropriate.  Analysis of AncestryDNA results is also possible.

Discover how the lives of your ancestors may have shaped your own.

Please note that due to the destruction of many WW1 records during the Second World War, 20th century military research results may vary in depth and detail.

Results published as PDF documents.


Edward Giltrap 1901

Archive Visits

Time on your research tasks, chargeable by the hour.  You can decide whether you would like original documents to be photographed or transcribed (or both).

Denham Johnson Battlefields regularly visits the following archives and libraries in the London area:  The National Archives, The British Library, The Wellcome Library, The Society of Genealogists, The London Metropolitan Archives, The Guildhall Library.

Based in the East Midlands, we also have easy access to local archives in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

We would be very pleased to research on your behalf at these archives, or archives in any part of the country.

Genealogy research can be linked to a Battlefields tour but can also be a completely separate project, whatever your family history needs, we can assist.  Research tasks do not need to have a military basis.

Click   here    to see details of current research time availability.

Results published as PDF documents.

£20 per hour

Genealogy Problem Solver

Denham Johnson Battlefields can also offer a fresh pair of eyes on your genealogical ‘brick wall’ - a second opinion can often suggest alternative lines of enquiry.

£20 per hour of investigation and research time, if progress is made on the problem.

If no progress is made there is no charge.